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Training Board, Grooming, Wellness & Rehabilitation/Lay Up

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Boarding & Care

Includes feeding, stall cleaning and premium bedding in cushioned floor stalls, custom daily turn-in/turn-out routine (weather dependent), blanketing, premium grain plus extra meals, special feeding (alfalfa, hay nets), stall rest, use of medical paddocks and stall rest, and extra storage at no additional cost.

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Grooming & Tack Up/Down

Includes daily curry and brush turnout, mane pulling, face trimming, and leg clipping as necessary. Tack up and down and tack cleaning. Grooming supplies such as show sheen, fly spray, salt blocks, hoof dressing, shampoo, laundry detergent, and other items are included and not subject to additional stocking fee.

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Exercise & Training Rides

Includes multiple weekly exercise and training rides performed by professionally trained riders scheduled and performed according to client's needs and expectations.

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Wellness Program & Individual Horse Management

Includes veterinarian supervised deworming and vaccination program, regularly scheduled dentist and farrier, and wound and medication management as needed and supervised by experienced and educated staff.

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Lessons & Coaching

Weekly group lessons are included as part of our training board program. Private lessons and coaching at shows are also available to fine turn the training program to each individual horse and rider combination. 

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Available Long & Short Haul Shipping

Commercial grade drivers and rigs. Box stalls and shipping stalls plus storage for feed and gear.

Rehabilitation, Lay Up & Semi-Retirement Board, Care & Therapy

Our Rehab and Injury Recovery program is designed to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for horses in all stages of treatment and injury recovery. Our dedicated barn includes medical paddocks and vet-supervised therapeutic modalities and protocols, ensuring your equine athlete receives the highest level of care possible. With decades of experience in sports horse rehabilitation and recovery, we're ready to manage this detailed and customized process for your horse.

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Dedicated Barn

Board and care in matted stalls, grain, hay and supplements, blanketing, and full care.


Medical Paddocks

Group turnout, individual turnout, or medical paddock turn out depending on medical need. Paddock size are flexible to response to recovery progress. 


Supervised Exercise & Treatment

On-site services include wound management, medication administration, and therapies, such as cold therapy, laser therapy, and magnetic blankets.

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Contact Us for Current Rates & Availability

Please call (sorry, no voicemail), email, text, or use the chat buttons on this site for answers to FAQs and more information about rates and availability. Please note that we only offer training board. All training board packages include training/exercise rides, grooming, tack up/down, lessons, and wellness management. Packages start at $2000/mo.

There is no field board available at this time.

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