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Understanding the New Schooling Show Scoring: A Recap of January's Winners and Feedback

Beverly's January Schooling Jumper Show Highlights

January 2024 marked the debut of our new scoring system at Beverly, introducing an optimum time scoring method to emphasize correct show ring riding. It seems, however, there was some understandable confusion among riders and trainers regarding the interpretation of the closest to optimum time scoring.

Here's the Solution.

  • Fastest Clear: Riders scored based on the fastest clear and posted on social media can keep their ribbons based on this scoring method.

  • Closest to Optimum Time (Over or Under): Riders scored based on closest to optimum time, whether over or under, and posted at the show can also keep their ribbons based on this scoring method.

  • Closest to Optimum Time (WITHOUT Going Over): NEW SCORES are posted below for riders based on closest to optimum time without going over. These ribbons will be available for pick up at Beverly’s next show (February 24, 2024).


We sincerely apologize for any confusion caused by discrepancies between the information relayed on social media and the prize list. We take the scoring at our schooling shows seriously and regret the confusion.

Moving Forward.

Moving forward, we will consistently score based on the closest to optimum time WITHOUT going over, aligning with the January scoring.

Your feedback is invaluable, and we appreciate your understanding as we strive for clarity.

Best wishes for the upcoming schooling jumper rounds on February 24! 🏇🎉



Black (OT 2:15)

White (OT 2:00)



1st Emilia Kevilhan

2nd Reba Merritt


1st Zoe Heydt

2nd Zoe Heydt

3rd Zoe Heydt

4th Michelle Gnozzio

Cross rails

1st Reba Merritt

2nd Emilia Kivelhan

3rd Nakyla Coleman

4th Maya Sokolowski


1st Alyana Wallace

2nd Alayna Wallace

3rd Alayna Wallace

4th Taya Lorenzen

5th Campbell Scanlon


1st Cameron Scanlon

2nd Maya Sokolowski

3rd Samyukta Sankepully

4th Emilia Kivelhan

5th Evie Mcclinch


1st Julia Panyutin

2nd Campbell Scanlon

3rd Julia Panyutin

4th  Hailey Ilowite

5th Chayenne Daniels



1st Caleigh Puhlick

2nd Caleigh Puhlick

3rd Caleigh Puhlick

4th Chayenne Daniels

5th Chayenne Daniels


1st Maya Sokolowski

2nd Maya Sokolowski

3rd Anne O’Brien

4th Evie McClinch

5th Anne O’Brien



1st Maya Sokolowski

2nd Maya Sokolowski

3rd Evie McClinch

4th Shannon Flynn

5th Nakyla Coleman


1st Nakyla Coleman

2nd Shannon Flynn

3rd Sienna Lundberg



1st Jessica Hanson

2nd Alexandra Vilgrain

3rd Pamela Davis

4th Jessica Hansen


1st Casey Jones

2nd Sienna Lundberg

3rd Alexandra Vilgrain

4th Olivia Perry

5th Natalie Panyutin




1st Olivia Perry

2nd Pamela Davis



1st Morgan Batchelor

2nd Joe Davis

3rd Taya Lorenzen

4th Joe Davis

5th Morgan Batchelor




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