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Rehab Stalls Now Available in the Main Barn

Do you have a horse that needs a little extra attention right now? Is the horse recovering from an injury, needing some time off, or otherwise needing rehab?  This winter, due to horses now in Florida, we have room in our main barn. The main barn has all of the facilities needed for rehabilitation with the quality amenities that it is known for.  Allow your horse to be pampered and looked after, ensuring its well-being and readiness for spring. Note: this is limited-time special during the winter months. 

Please read more information about our rehab services here.


✅ Dedicated Medical Paddocks: Tailored footing and design for optimal healing.

✅ HEATED Indoor Exercise Facilities: Ensuring a tranquil and focused recovery environment.

✅ Stalls and Walkways with cushioned, slip-free footing.



Beverly works with your veterinarian as a team to implement a detailed exercise program specific to the individual needs of your equine partner. Whether it is a soft tissue injury, a wound, or other injury, Beverly implements the ordered protocol with precision and patience.


At Beverly, we understand the importance of aftercare, including proper support wraps, cooling therapy, additional therapies, and allowing for repeat diagnostics by providing shipping directly to your veterinarian.

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