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The Road to Recovery: Utilize Beverly's Facilities and Expertise for Your Equine Rehabilitation

small paddocks with safe fencing and footing
SpecializedMedical Paddocks

Embarking on the road to recovery with your equine companion requires more than just time— it demands a carefully crafted and comprehensive rehabilitation program. At Beverly, we understand the intricate needs of your horse during the recovery process, and we've designed our equine rehabilitation programs to encompass the crucial components that contribute to a successful journey back to optimal health.

First Stop on the Road to Recovery: Proper Facilities

At the heart of any successful rehabilitation program are appropriate facilities for controlled exercise. Beverly takes pride in its purpose-designed facilities, thoughtfully crafted to permit safe and controlled exercise for your horse.

Our medical paddocks exemplify this commitment, offering the right balance between freedom and healing. Importantly, our medical paddocks have arena-quality footing that offers cushioning for injured hooves and limbs, contributing to a comfortable and conducive environment for healing.

This attention to the exercise environment extends to our indoor arena footing: too soft, and it could exacerbate injuries; too firm, and it may impede progress. Our footing's combination of cushion and firmness aims to provide the best of both worlds.

Moreover, the indoor arena provides a controlled setting where horses can regain strength, flexibility, and coordination without potentially dangerous distraction. Our serene and calm indoor environment ensures a smooth and effective recovery, minimizing spooks, spins, and slips that could lead to potential re-injury.


Manicured indoor footing with lights and ample space
Groomed "Goldiloks" Indoor Footing:NotTooHard,NotTooSoft.

Collaboration with Veterinary Experts

Recognizing that each horse and injury is unique, Beverly works with your veterinarian as a team to implement a detailed exercise program specific to the individual needs of your equine partner. Whether it is a soft tissue injury, a wound, or other injury, Beverly implements the ordered protocol with precision and patience, enabling you to focus on your other obligations without time pressures or inconvenience.

new barn with safe doors and clean lines
New Rehab Barn with Specialized Footing and Matted Stalls

Experience Paves the Way

A successful rehabilitation program is not just about exercise; it requires constant oversight and supportive therapy. At Beverly, we understand the importance of aftercare, including proper support wraps, cooling therapy, additional therapies, and allowing for repeat diagnostics by providing shipping directly to your veterinarian.

white horse trotting with rehabilitation equipment
Hunter/Jumper Exercising with a Specialized Boot

Our experienced team at Beverly understands the nuances of wrapping techniques and applying fitted boots, ensuring that your horse receives the support it needs for a successful recovery.

Beverly is also experienced in integrating cooling therapy into our aftercare regimen to enhance the healing process. Whether it's through ice packs, cold water therapy, or other cooling methods, we prioritize your horse's comfort and well-being.

Monitoring the progress of your horse's recovery is another critical aspect of aftercare. To make this process seamless for you, Beverly offers the convenience of shipping your horse to your veterinarian for repeat ultrasounds, radiographs, MRIs, or any other diagnostic procedures deemed necessary. This unique accommodation ensures that your horse's recovery is closely monitored, and adjustments to the rehabilitation plan can be made promptly based on accurate diagnostic information.

Let Us Help You on Your Rehabilitation Journey

a horse jumping in competition
Showing at WEF

Choosing the right equine rehabilitation program can make all the difference in your horse's journey to recovery. At Beverly, our commitment to excellence is evident in our purpose-designed facilities, meticulous implementation of veterinary-directed exercise programs and aftercare, and daily oversight. Your horse's well-being is our priority. Trust us to go the extra mile in ensuring your horse's complete and successful recovery.



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