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July 4th Polo Promotion

Come Play Polo with Beverly! No Riding Experience Needed. We Supply Everything: Horse, Tack, Pro . . .

Ride with a Pro who can Teach You (Not Just Other Beginners). Enjoy Our Memorial Day Special Intro Lesson Price: $150  for a Lesson with a Pro and Safe Ponies in Our Beautiful Indoor, Outdoor, or Field. TEXT 540-351-2727 (Wil).

Polo Instruction, Stick & Ball, Practice Chukkers & Leagues

Lesson Pricing

One-Time Intro Private

Private lesson for riders who have no riding experience or experience with horses. One time availability only. Walking only. $150

Single Private Lesson

Single Private lesson for riders of any ability who prefer to schedule at their own convenience or who have a school horse preference. $195/each

4-Lesson Private Lesson Package

Block of 4 private lessons for riders of any ability. $750 (4 @ $187.50)

About You

To tailor our response to your interest, please tell us would you would like to know.


If something you would like to know is not listed, please contact us at or text 310-339-9296 so that we can assist you.


  • All riders must have a release and emergency contact information on file.  

  • Payment via Zelle (310-339-9296), Venmo (@BeverlyEquestrian), or cash/check (no credit cards). 

  • No refunds, discounts, or make-up days for missed lessons. 

What to Wear

  • Riding breeches or long pants or leggings 

  • Paddock boots or hard, closed-toe shoes 

  • Riding helmet (ATSM approved - not bike) ​- Beverly has a limited number of helmets to borrow.

Please tell us about your primary interest in Beverly polo?
Do you want us to contact you about scheduling a private lesson?
Yes, I am ready.
No, please send me more information.
Neither/Not Applicable
Do you have your own horses?
Yes, I would like to bring my own to practice.
No, I would like to rent your horses.
Neither/Not Applicable
Are you interested in polo pony leasing or sales?
Yes, I am interested in hearing more about leasing or sales.
No, I have my own horses.
Neither/Not Applicable
Are you interested in leagues and matches?
Yes, to play myself.
Only to watch.
Neither/Not Applicable
How would you prefer us to contact you?
Neither/Not Applicable

Practice Chukkers & League Play

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