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Skill Levels & Lesson Information

At Beverly, we're committed to offering what's best for you, whether it's the personalized attention of a private lesson or the camaraderie of a group session. Get ready to take your riding to the next level with our enhanced programs!


Private Lessons

The greatest flexibility:

·  Schedule at your convenience

·  All skills levels welcome

·  Accommodate horse preference where possible

Group Lessons

Enjoy riding with companions and watching others.

· Set times

· Defined skill levels

· Defined objectives

Available to riders who have achieved the skills of an advanced beginner. See skill levels below to assess your rider's current level.

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Lesson Pricing

Please note that lesson pricing and packages are subject to change. Please confirm pricing before booking. 

One-Time Intro Private

Private lesson for riders who have no riding experience or experience with horses. One time availability only. Walking only. $150

Single Private Lesson

Single Private lesson for riders of any ability who prefer to schedule at their own convenience or who have a school horse preference. $195/each

4-Lesson Private Lesson Package

Block of 4 private lessons for riders of any ability who prefer to schedule at their own convenience or who have a school horse preference. $750 (4 @ $187.50)

Group Lessons

For safety, riders in a group lesson must be able to perform the skills listed in the advanced beginner description (see skill levels below). This requirement is to ensure riders can control their mount in a group for the safety of all those present.


Riders who have not yet achieved the advanced beginner level must be in private or semi private lessons until they can safely ride in a group. A one-time, introductory or placement lesson is $150. After the introductory lesson, riders must schedule private or group lessons as appropriate.


Lesson pricing is based on the size of the lesson package. As the number of lessons in the package increases, the price per lesson decreases. Please note that lessons do not expire until one year after the last lesson taken. 

Starter Group Package

Block of 4 group lessons for riders who have achieved the advanced beginner level. $500 (4 @ $125)

Bonus Group Package

Block of 10 group lessons for riders who have achieved the advanced beginner level. $1100 (10 @ $110)

Premium Group Package

Block of 20 group lessons for riders who have achieved the advanced beginner level. $2000 (20 @ $100)

Riding Skill Levels

Depending on the age and skill level of each rider they will be placed in the appropriate riding level. For general riding levels, see the descriptions below. We always advance the student at the rate that suits each individual student to ensure safety and fun for the rider. As students progress they will also learn about healthcare, nutrition and management of horse's care needs. While we will work with children as young as 5, most children this age are not able to concentrate for a full mounted session and may be better suited to a horsemanship session. To assess rider ability, please note that riders must be able to stand on one leg and balance (for mounting), understand instructions, and hold at least 5lbs of weight in each hand (to control mount).


  • Learn to approach the horse safely, both from in front and behind.

  • Assist with leading the horse safely with assistance of the instructor. 

  • Learn to mount the horse with assistance of the instructor.

  • Lead/lunge line while the instructor maintains control of the horse.

  • Stop and steer the horse a the walk.

  • Learn to change directions at the walk.

  • Simple grooming with brushes being careful around legs and feet.

  • Picking horses hooves.

  • Feeding horses treats.


  • Measure stirrup length using arm and tighten the girth.

  • Safely mount the horse by themselves.

  • Learn to hold the reins correctly.

  • Learn proper leg and body position. 

  • Stand in stirrups, practice two-point position.

  • Steer, stop, and regulate pace at the walk.

  • Change of direction through square turns and straight lines, begin circles and reverse.

  • Trot during double instruction with instructor.

Advanced Beginner

  • Learn the posting trot, sitting trot and two-point/jumping position.

  • Learn about “diagonals” at the trot.

  • Steer and regulate pace at the trot.

  • Perform steering exercises such as circles, serpentines, and figure eights.

  • Walk and trot without stirrups.

  • Learn the transition to canter.

  • Understand “leads” at the canter.

  • Ground poles will be used for trot work.

  • Students who wish to compete will now be able to do so in walk/trot classes.

  • NOTE: To ride a school horse in an onsite schooling show, riders must complete 6 lessons in the preceding 2 months.


  • Full control of the horse at the walk, trot, and canter.

  • Understand and demonstrate correct diagonals and leads.

  • Apply correct change of bend and diagonals during circles, serpentines, change of direction.

  • Canter can be performed while riding in a group.

  • Trotting and cantering without stirrups to improve leg and balance.

  • Perform a simple lead change.

  • Maintain the half seat canter and two point trot without trouble.

  • At this point students will be able to show in the walk, trot, canter division at shows.

  • NOTE: To ride a school horse in an onsite schooling show, riders must complete 8 lessons in the preceding 2 months.

Advanced Intermediate

  • Work on inside/outside bend, counter canter, leg yields, and other training exercises.

  • Focus on the rider’s equitation both on the flat and over fences.

  • Larger jumps may be used in combinations and amongst multiple fences with changes of direction for short jump courses.

  • Compete in jumping classes at offsite shows.

  • NOTE: Additional requirements apply to ride a school horse in an offsite show.

Year-Round Sessions

Indoor/outdoor, comfortable, and expansive facilities allow year-round participation in unique and special activities. Rider facilities include dust-free indoor arena with heaters, lights, and observation area with cushioned arm chairs; areas to store personal items, comfortable lounge with sofas, tables, full bath and high speed internet, gourmet kitchen for storing drinks and snacks, and enclosed quiet areas, access to hi speed internet.

Rockwall Rainbow.jpg
"Please count the girls in for your camps. They are having the time of their lives at your beautiful barn. This is an incredible experience for them and I can’t thank you enough for opening your doors to the opportunity."

Antonio Zissios, Virginia

About You

To get started, please tell us a few things about your rider so that we can get you set up.


At Beverly, safety is our top priority.

We want to ensure that all riders have a safe and enjoyable experience. 

That's why we take the time to get accurate information about the rider's experience level to ensure that riders are in the best group with an appropriate mount.

Please fill out the form to get started. 

Once received, we will contact you to schedule your lesson(s).

Pleas note that a signed release and payment in full is required to complete the booking.  


  • All riders must have a release and emergency contact information on file.  

  • Payment via Zelle (310-339-9296), Venmo (@BeverlyEquestrian), or cash/check (no credit cards). 

  • No refunds, discounts, or make-up days for missed lessons. 

What to Wear

  • Riding breeches or long pants or leggings 

  • Paddock boots or hard, closed-toe shoes 

  • Riding helmet (ATSM approved - not bike) ​- Beverly has a limited number of helmets to borrow.


The barn address is 7120 Beverly Lane, the Plains, Virginia. You can access Beverly Lane from Zulla Road at about 3515 Zulla Road.  There is no access from Milestone Road. Once you turn onto Beverly Lane, turn right to go through the stone pillars and follow the drive up to the main barn. If you come into the main aisle, there will be someone there to assist you. Also, please no dogs.​

Current Skill Level (refer to descriptions)
Please select experience level at steering and controlling pace at the walk.
Please select experience level at steering and controlling pace at the trot.
Please select experience level at steering and controlling pace at the canter.
Does the rider have jumping experience?

Thanks for submitting!

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