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Go to a Show With Us!

Looking to dive into the thrilling world of horse showing without the hefty investment? Look no further! Our one-stop showing experience has everything you need to turn your equestrian dreams into reality. 

Rely on Our Decades of Show Experience

Benefit from our decades of show experience to ensure your success at the show. From planning your competitive season to selecting appropriate shows and coordinating entries, we've got you covered every step of the way!

Get Transparent Information

No hidden surprises! Enjoy clear pricing and information for seamless planning. With our advance calendar and top-notch preparation at home, you'll feel confident and prepared for each show.

Supportive Environment


Join a supportive community that understands the demands of your busy life. We're here to help you enjoy the horse show journey, not just the destination. Whether you're a parent, a student, a boss, or juggling multiple roles, we've been there too!

One-Stop Shop

Lease one of our top-quality horses and travel to an off-site show with confidence. Or looking to elevate your showing game? Our top-level, amateur-friendly horses are primed and ready to help you compete at the highest levels.

2024 Beverly Show Calendar 5.16.24.png

Show Expenses (Estimate)

1. Trailering: 
   - Per mile competitive with commercial shippers.
   - Minimum of $100 per trip.
   - *Note:* Horses shipped with Beverly are not covered by Beverly Insurance.

2. Pre-Show Grooming: Included (bathing, trimming, mane pulling, etc.).

3. Show Daycare/Grooming: Market day rate.
   - Includes feeding/waters, mucking, medications, assistance with tacking, holding horse, show grooming (not braiding), bathing, lunging, cleaning tack, etc.
   - Subject to increase if fewer than 3 clients at the show.

4. One-Time Equipment/Set Up (overnight): Market rate per horse/show.
   - Includes water/grain buckets, wheelbarrow/forks/brooms, show scrims/saddle pads, boots/schooling wraps, schooling saddle pads, grooming equipment, rider hospitality, trunks, etc.

5. Class and Show Fees, Stall, and Shavings: At cost, paid by open check to the show.

6. Hay and Grain: Included.

7. Coaching/Administrative Services: Market day rate.
   - Subject to increase if fewer than 3 clients at the show.

8. Exercise/Pro Ride: Included.

9. Braiding: At cost, paid by owner to braider at the show.

10. Travel expenses for staff: Includes hotel and travel expenses, divided by the number of client horses at the show.

11. Per diem for staff: Market day rate divided by the number of client horses at the show.

12. Tips: Customarily provided by the client for exemplary service.

Note: Prices are subject to change and may vary based on individual circumstances. Please inquire for specific quotes.

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