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Competition is FULL ON in Wellington: Polo Team Begins League Play

Wil Ballhaus plays polo against a challenger
Polo Team Starts League Play in Wellington

As our jumpers take a well-deserved break from the WEF competition scene, our focus recently shifted to the thrilling world of polo. Let's catch you up on the latest happenings from the barn and beyond!

Polo Operations Take Center Stage

 Our dedicated polo team, having diligently practiced for weeks, was poised and ready to kick off league play. However, the weather had different plans. Unfortunately, rainy conditions kept the league play from getting underway as scheduled.

Grand Champions 8-Goal Excitement

 A delightful surprise was in store with the last-minute addition of the Grand Champions 8-goal to the schedule. The anticipation was palpable, but alas, the weather once again had its say, and the event had to be postponed over the weekend.

Two players in aggressive match play
Wil Ballhaus in Another Game

A Star Shines in Substitution

Amidst the challenges, a shining moment emerged. Wil Ballhaus, one of our talented Beverly players, was called in as a substitute for a Le Fe/Davos player in the Port Mayaca Joe Barry Memorial 16 goal on Sunday. In an inspiring turn of events, Le Fe/Davos secured a definitive win on Sunday, adding a bright spot to an otherwise dreary week.

Rainy Shuffle and Future Updates

As rain continues down south, the league and practice schedules may experience some shuffling. We're adapting to the unpredictable weather and staying optimistic for the upcoming polo events.

Polo Mallets in the Grass
Polo Mallets in the Grass

Stay Tuned for More Polo Action

Updates will be rolling in as our polo operations kick into gear. We can't wait to share the triumphs and stories from the field!


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