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From Injured to Inspired: Vinny's Journey to Recovery at Beverly Equestrian

Meet Vinny, our resilient friend on a journey to healing and triumph!

Surgical Procedure

Vinny came to us after a surgical repair of his left hind manica flexoria.  The manica flexoria is a tubular sheath on the bottom of the fetlock region, through which the tendons of the deep digital flexor muscle pass. The surgery involved resecting the torn manica flexoria.

Being competitive in the 2’9” large pony and large childrens' classes, Vinny’s treatment was meticulously planned and organized by his rider’s family. Coming to Beverly was an important step in his recovery.


Care and Treatment at Beverly

Upon arrival, our dedicated staff at Beverly took charge of Vinny's care. This included careful rebandaging of the left hind, administration of medication, and EquiVibe therapy. After ten days, supervised hand walking sessions were introduced as part of his rehabilitation.


Turnout and Private Medical Paddock

As Vinny progresses, he will soon have access to a private medical paddock attached to his stall. Sedation support will be provided to ensure a smooth transition during his recommended turnout period.


Veterinary Oversight

Vinny's treating vet, Dr. Chad Davis from Davis Equine, will play a vital role in his recovery journey. Scheduled visits for suture removal, tendon sheath injections, and other follow-up care will be diligently conducted. Thanks to Beverly's partnership with Davis Equine, our client won't incur farm call or related charges for Vinny's treatment.


Hope on the Horizon

Soft tissue injuries often entail extended recovery periods, but with the right facilities, care, veterinary expertise, and meticulous rehabilitation, Vinny has an excellent prognosis for a triumphant return to full athletic function.


Stay Tuned for Updates

Follow us for regular updates on Vinny's remarkable progress at Beverly! We're excited to witness his journey to strength and success.



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