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Beverly Equestrian is Leveling up with a New Professional Show Staff

As our operations in both equestrian and polo have flourished, it has become evident that separate teams are necessary to maintain the excellence our clients deserve in both operations. We're thrilled to announce our dedicated focus on lessons and showing endeavors to our equestrian side with a significant upgrade to our entire management, grooming, and coaching team.

Big bay horse jumping at horse show
D.J. Johnson

New Management

Integral to this upgrade is the addition of DJ Johnson, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in hunters and jumpers, program management, and showing. DJ will take the reins in managing all equestrian grooms at our main barn, ensuring the highest standards of care for our equine partners. He will also lead the offsite showing effort and be the head instructor.

Beautiful white horse jumping at show
Beverly Horse and Rider Showing at Top AA Rate Show

Professional Grooming Staff

In line with our commitment to specialization, we've assembled a dedicated grooming staff with a focus on professional show quality grooming. Joining our team is Pablo, an accomplished groom from a professional horse showing background, bringing his expertise to further elevate our services. This shift allows us to provide tailored attention and care to meet the exacting standards of our clients at home and at the show ring.

Sweet grey horse with kind handler
Rachel Jacobs

New Rehab Expert and Professional Rider

But that's not all—say hello to our new professional rider! Rachel is joining us with a strong background

in dressage and jumpers, as well having extensive knowledge of wound management and rehab for our rehab clients. Rachel will help with exercise and training rides, as well as serve as assistant trainer for our beginner riders. With a further background in hospitality and specialized camp offerings, Rachel will help enrich our development programs, keep our younger riders engaged, and support all our clients and their equine partners in reaching their full potential.

Attractive bay horse with training staff
Beverly Horse and Trainer at Beverly Wellington Facility

New Show Calendar

We're expanding our show calendar to give you even more chances to shine. Get ready for unrivaled training, personalized attention, and thrilling show opportunities. As many of our riders progress from beginner levels to more competitive opportunities, we're dedicated to providing the polished and professional environment they deserve all along the way.

Are you ready to take your riding to new heights? Join us at Beverly Equestrian and let's ride towards success together!



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