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School Horse Spotlight: Enzo and Arabians

Let’s Hear it for Beverly School Horse Enzo.

Enzo is a great size for both juniors and adults. As an Arabian, Enzo has the characteristic good looks and expressive tail that make him stand out in a crowd.

Beautiful calm grey horse in a bright and clean indoor arena
Enzo and Adult Amateur Rider

What do you know about Arabians?

Here are some common attributes:

  • Intelligent: Arabians are highly intelligent and quick learners.

  • Endurance: Arabians are renowned for their exceptional endurance.

  • Head Shape: Arabians are easily recognizable by their distinctive head shape, often characterized by a dished face and large, expressive eyes.

  • Arched Neck: They typically have a high-set, arched neck that adds to their elegant appearance.

  • Tail Carriage: Arabians have a high tail carriage, contributing to their graceful and proud presence.

Come meet Enzo and Discover Your Riding Passion with Beverly Equestrian's Lesson Program.

Happy rider on kind grey horse in safe tack and riding arena
Having Fun with Enzo

Why Should you Try Beverly's School Horses?

  • Ride our carefully selected horses, each chosen to enhance your learning experience.

  • Learn from experienced instructors committed to your progress.

  • Join a community of riders who share your love for horses.

Your perfect match awaits at Beverly Equestrian!

To learn how to sign up for your first lesson, see this page.



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