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Rider Spotlight: Junior Beverly Rider Grace

In this spotlight, we're thrilled to introduce Grace, one of our outstanding junior riders at Beverly. Grace's journey epitomizes the incredible growth and opportunities available within our supportive community.

Young rider with a big smile on a pony with her coach at a horse show
Grace at Her First Beverly Schooling Show

Starting on School Horses

Grace embarked on her riding journey with us in the fall of 2018, taking her first lesson on a school horse.

Taking lessons when she could and even dabbling in polo, Grace continued to develop and excel as a rider.

By January 2020, Grace confidently debuted in her inaugural Beverly show.

Team of young riders in show clothes at a horse show
Grace on the Wakefield Equestrian Team Competing at IEA Regionals

Joining the Wakefield Equestrian IEA Team

Inspired by other riders at Beverly, Grace enrolled at Wakefield School and joined the Wakefield Equestrian team that trains at Beverly on its school horses.

At Wakefield, Grace enjoys the unique opportunity to participate in theatre productions and the competition team, exceling in both realms, thanks to the school's collaborative efforts between athletics and the arts.

white pony with hand paint in a barn aisle with coaches and riders
Grace with Her Leased Pony Helping at Beverly Camp

Even with her busy schedule, Grace generously shares her expertise by participating in Beverly's horse-themed camps and assisting younger riders.

Over time, Grace transitioned from riding school horses to leasing her own pony and even showing offsite.

Young rider hugging a sweet dark horse with a big bow
Grace and Her New Horse Nova

Finding A Horse of Her Own To Continue Her Journey

Ready to take the next step in her riding journey, Grace started to look for a horse of her own. Then, this week, Grace achieved the exciting milestone of purchasing her own horse, Nova.

We eagerly anticipate witnessing the partnership between Grace and Nova in the future.

Grace's remarkable story serves as a beacon of inspiration for riders of all levels, underscoring the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and dedication within the equestrian community. Here's to countless more triumphs on the horizon for Grace and Nova!



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