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Starting Your Equestrian Journey: A Beginner's Guide to Taking Your First Riding Lesson at Beverly

a young rider with a big smile on a sweet pony and friendly riding instructor in a nice indoor arena
Beverly Instructor with Young Rider in Beverly Indoor Arena

Have you always wanted to ride? Or maybe you used to ride all the time and you want to get going again. But buying and owning a horse is expensive, overwhelming, and where do you even start? Take it step by step with riding lessons on safe and experienced school horses at Beverly. No experience is required to learn how to ride and no big commitment is needed to start. Our experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way. Here is our how to guide for setting up your first riding lesson at Beverly.

Start By Telling Us About You.

At Beverly, we want to ensure that all riders have a safe and enjoyable experience. We understand that even experienced riders can be over-faced with a new horse in a new environment. That's why we take the time to get accurate information about your experience to ensure that we match you with the appropriate horse. There is an easy form on our website with basic questions. You can also set up a quick consultation with us to answer any questions ahead of time.

What to Wear.

For your visit, please wear riding breeches (or long pants or leggings), paddock boots with half-chaps or tall boots (or hard, closed-toe shoes with a heel), and a riding helmet (ATSM/SEI certified - not bike – we have some available to borrow).

Other items to bring are gloves, a safety vest, and hair tie for long hair (again, we have some available to borrow). You will be most comfortable if you dress in layers.

There are local stores (tack stores) where you can try on and/or buy riding specific gear and equipment. Let us know if you need suggestions.

When to Arrive.

For your first lesson, please arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Although your horse will be groomed, tacked up, and waiting for you, you may want a cushion of time to find your way around and get settled. We have a lounge for you to store your things and for your guests, if you bring any, to watch. If you need to borrow a helmet, we will give you a variety to try for fit. A limited number safety vests are also available.

a comfortable living space with seating area and view to riding arena
Beverly Lounge with View of Indoor Riding Arena

Getting Started.

To start, you will ride in our indoor arena. We will lead your horse into the arena (remembering to say “door” to notify other riders who may be in the ring that you are coming). We will be sure that your girth is tight and your stirrups are adjusted to your height and leg length before you get on or mount. We will help guide you through the process of getting on. Once you are on, celebrate: Getting on is sometimes the hardest part!

spacious riding arena with lighting high ceilings and groomed footing
Beverly Indoor Arena

Learning the Basics.

Now it is time to learn to ride. Your instructor will confirm that you know how to stop (halt), control your pace, and how to steer using riding commands. Before moving on to a new skill, your instructor will confirm that you are comfortable with the current skillset and ready to progress to the next. Riding, like most things, is progressive and your instructor will make sure you understand the “why” as well as the “how” we do things.

After the Lesson.

After your lesson, you instructor will show you how to get off ("dismount"), run up your stirrups, and loosen your girth. You will hand your horse to a groom who will take care of your horse. (Learning how to groom and tack is saved for another lesson.) You are welcome to help the groom and spend some time with your horse "on the ground," feed treats, etc.

a young rider with a pony in a grooming area
A Young Rider Grooming Her Lesson Horse

And just like that, you are on your equestrian journey.

Was this article helpful? Is there anything else you need to know to get started? Let us know in the chat.

Otherwise, we will see you soon in the ring at Beverly!



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