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Everything You Need to Know About Leasing a School Horse at Beverly Equestrian

Are you eager to elevate your riding skills but unsure about horse ownership? Leasing a horse, especially one you're familiar with from your lessons, could be the ideal solution. Here's what you need to know about leasing a school horse at Beverly Equestrian

1. Enjoy the Benefits of Ownership, Minus the Commitment.

Leasing allows you to experience the joys of horse ownership without the financial burden of purchasing a horse outright. You'll have regular access to the horse for riding and care, without shouldering all the costs and responsibilities associated with ownership. 


Two riders having fun riding horses on a shady wooded trail
Fun Trail Rides in the Woods

2. Consistency and Learning Opportunities.

Leasing a school horse ensures consistency in your riding experience. Plus, you'll have the invaluable opportunity to ride the horse independently, fostering your growth and confidence as a rider.

Adult rider on white horse in a beautiful indoor arena
Professional Instruction in the Riding Arenas

3. Coverage and Costs.

Our school horse leasing program covers regular riding sessions, necessary equipment, training board, and routine care (boarding, grooming, shoes, vaccinations, deworming, dentist). Additional expenses may apply for maintenance or specialized care. Private lessons, shipping, and show expenses are not included. 

Sweet moment with a child and her pony in the grooming area of a pretty barn
Bonding with Your Special Equine Partner

4. Lessons and Programs.

Our full lease training board includes weekly group lessons, with additional lessons available at a discounted rate. Full leased horses must be ridden in lessons at least twice a week, with jumping permitted only during lessons for safety.


Two riders on shiny horses in front of a pretty barn with ribbons
Comaraderie with Friends in Equine Pursuits

5. Half Lease Options: Share the Ride, Share the Expense.

Not ready for a full lease? With a school horse partial lease, you'll share riding time and expenses with other riders from the school, making it a cost-effective and communal option. There may be restrictions on jumping and showing frequency to ensure the horse's well-being.

Ready to take the leap and lease a horse? Explore our selection of school horses to find the perfect match for your riding goals. Whether you're seeking an experienced jumper or a budget-friendly option, Beverly Equestrian has something for everyone. 



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