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Maximizing Potential: How Beverly's Educational Riding Clinics Benefit Junior Equestrians

At Beverly's Summer Riding Clinics, juniors advance their riding skills while learning about horsemanship in safe and supervised environment.

In addition to daily riding sessions, we offer various educational activities to develop and deepen your junior's knowledge about horse and barn management to become a well-rounded equestrian.

Our experienced and attentive instructors ensure that your junior enjoys a memorable and enjoyable experience, while also developing new skills and building friendships.

Our clinics include:

Stable Management & Horsemanship Session

Grooming & Riding Lesson:

Comfortable Spaces:

Horse/Barn Themed Activities:

Summer Schedule: We are hosting one session each month over three half-days Tuesday-Thursday:

  • June 11-13

  • July 26-28

  • August 20-22

For more details and to register, please visit our website. We look forward to welcoming your child to Beverly Equestrian’s summer riding programs!



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