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From Wildfire to Wellness: Bill's Inspiring Rehabilitation Journey at Beverly

Introducing Wildfire, a.k.a. Bill

At Beverly, we have the pleasure of working with many incredible horses, and Wildfire, affectionately known as Bill, is one of our most cherished residents. Bill has been a part of the Beverly family for many years, winning hearts with his sweet nature.

The Unexpected Setback

Last November, Bill's usually robust self became uncharacteristically unsound. Concerned about his sudden change, we enlisted the expertise of Davis Equine to investigate further. After a thorough examination, it was decided that Bill needed a more in-depth diagnosis.

We turned to the renowned team at the VT Marion DuPont Equine Medical Center, where an MRI revealed a tear in his distal interphalangeal medial collateral ligament.

Specialized Care at the Virginia Equine Rehabilitation Center

Understanding the severity of Bill's injury, our next step was to ensure he received the best possible care. We transferred him to the Virginia Equine Rehabilitation Center, where Dr. Stephanie Davis and her team took over. Under their meticulous and expert guidance, Bill began his healing journey. The controlled exercise environment at the center was crucial for maintaining his activity and coordination without overstraining his injury.

Returning to Beverly for Continued Rehabilitation

By March, Bill had made significant progress and was ready to return to Beverly to continue his rehabilitation. Back in our main barn, he was given a comfortable stall with an attached in-and-out medical paddock. This setup allowed Bill to acclimate slowly back to exercise, ensuring he remained comfortable and stress-free.

Carefully Controlled Recovery

Our top-notch facilities, including an indoor arena with safe and consistently suitable footing, provided the perfect environment for Bill's soft tissue recovery. Dr. Stephanie made the inspired decision to keep Bill in the Equine Tendon boot, which helped support his ligament as we gradually increased his exercise under tack.

Almost Back to Full Strength

Thanks to the combined efforts of our professional riders and the detailed instructions from Dr. Stephanie and her team, Bill is now almost back to full flat work. He is nearing the stage where he can begin working with poles and low cavalettis, marking a significant milestone in his rehabilitation journey.

Commitment to Excellence in Equine Rehabilitation

At Beverly, we pride ourselves on our ability to blend veterinary expertise with our state-of-the-art facilities and extensive experience in equine rehabilitation. Our mission is to help our rehab patients, like Bill, return to their previous level of work and achieve their best and highest potential.

Bill's journey is a testament to the dedication and collaboration between veterinary professionals and our skilled team here at Beverly. We are excited to see him back in action and thriving once again. Stay tuned for more updates on Bill's progress as he continues to make strides toward a full recovery!



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